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Tara Chandra

Tara Chandra

Co-founder, Here We Flo

Tara Chandra is co-founder of Here We Flo. Born in San Francisco, she studied Economics at Columbia University in New York City, where she tried almond milk and kombucha for the first time and had her mind blown. After working on Wall Street for a hot minute, Tara ended up in the music industry in LA while freelance copywriting for brands like Ray-Ban. Tara received her master's from the London School of Economics, where she met her bestie and future co-founder Susan and had the idea for Here We Flo in the university loos - the perfect place to start a brand celebrating life's messiest moments! Their sustainable FLO Period Care and XO! Sexual Wellness product lines can now be found in retailers in the UK and USA, including Tesco, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, Ocado, Whole Foods and Target.