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    Over 48 unmissable hours we bring together over 150 world-class speakers from across retail and beyond to create the opportunity for our industry's leaders to take stock, find inspiration and reconnect with the sector. But Retail Week Live has more to offer than just amazing speakers, workshops and seminars. It also provides truly unique experiences which will enable you to see retail from an entirely new perspective.

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27-28 March 2019 | Intercontinental O2 London














For over 26 years Retail Week Live has been the place where British retailers congregate to talk about the present and the future while learning from the past. Now when we say British retailers, we mean 100% of the top 10, 90% of the top 20 and 60% of the top 100 in the UK. That's a fact. If you don't think you fit into the event, think again. We have Launchpad, a place for all emerging tech and retail startups. We also have dedicated sessions for Legal, Finance and more. Keep an eye out for what's coming soon.

This is the biggest event in the calendar.

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Foremost at Retail Week Live is two days of carefully curated content. Get actionable insight from some of the biggest names in the industry. Learn from both their wins and their trials.

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A platform for retailers to find the next digital disruption, while giving tech start-ups the opportunity to showcase their innovations to retail leaders from across the globe.

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Our partners will be bringing the latest in services and tech innovation for you to see. Get your hands on the latest tech toys and find products and services to help solve your problems.

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General Counsel

General Counsel

Taking place on March 28, day two of Retail Week Live 2019, General Counsel is the single largest gathering of in-house retail legal teams at the UK and is free for RETAILERS. Don't miss out. 

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Key Themes for 2019

Collaboration and partnerships

When surviving in a harsh retail environment, partnerships can provide some shelter from the headwinds. Across our programme, we take a closer look into the strategic partnerships and creative collaborations that have helped skyrocket sales and ratchet consumer engagement. How can we be smarter with our partners to bring real innovation to life and ensure both the survival of our business, and the loyalty of our customers?

People strategy

Digital transformation requires new skillsets and mindsets. If people are our most important asset, how can we find the right people, with the right skills? What does the head office or store worker of the future look like, and how can we prepare for their changing mindsets and expectations? Furthermore, how can we protect their wellbeing and ensure we give them to necessary tools and support to be the best version of themselves, both in and outside of the workplace. At Retail Week Live we will explore how you can create a diverse and inclusive people strategy to future-proof your organisation.   

Business models 

In this ever-changing landscape, it’s more challenging than ever to second-guess the latest technology, the next consumer trend. How can we know what the market will look like in three, or five years’ time? What business model do we therefore need to evolve into? Moreover, how can we get the balance right between planning for the next 12-18 months, and the next five years? Across the two day event, we will share insight into how you can ensure this balance protects and supports staff, all whilst delivering transformational change and growing the business.

Digital transformation

As an industry, it’s our responsibility to move faster, embrace change further and continue to challenge one another harder. Digital transformation is one of the most vital considerations for any retailer today, but what do we really mean by ‘transformation’ and how can we continue to put digital evolution at the heart of our business? Our programme features insights from organisations who have undergone significant transformation to future-proof their business. Hear how they predicted the unknown and invested in the best technology for future growth.

The role of the store

Creating a richly defined digital strategy is key for survival, but what does this mean for the future of the store? As technology continues to disrupt the shopping experience, how can we ensure that new approaches and technologies are adopted by our staff in-store? How can retailers successfully marry online and offline, and what does this mean for the future of the flagship? Retail Week Live will consider the extent to which digital transformation has changed the role of the store and what this means for its role going forward.

The consumer of the future

Understanding and predicting consumer behaviour is integral to any business, but when it changes so often, it’s difficult to know where to start. As soon as we got a hold on Gen Z, then came Gen Alpha, with whole new horizon of expectations, personal ambitions, and a constant stream of access to information and experiences. What can we expect from this next generation of spenders? Our trends experts and industry leaders will tell all at Retail Week Live.   

What’s on: LAUNCHPAD



Retailers need speed, agility and early innovation to disrupt before their competitors do. Launchpad at Live will provide retailers with a platform to find that next innovation, while giving tech start-ups the opportunity to flaunt their wares to a room full of influential decision makers in retail technology. So if your start-up's got the technology that is going to change the face of retail now is the time to show it off!

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What’s on: LIVE LATE


Live Late

Networking at it's best.

Live Late in partnership with Newton is our fabulous party for all attendees at the end of day one of Retail Week Live. Following the rigours of the day, this will be a perfect opportunity to converse with colleagues and fellow attendees in an informal setting, against a back-drop of live music, drinks and entertainment. Live Late will take place on the first night of the event and will be free to attend for all those who purchase tickets to Retail Week Live.

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