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    Retail Week Live has been postponed and will now take place in the second half of 2020, rescheduled from the original date of 25th - 26th March 2020. 
    The situation has evolved quickly and we have been monitoring developments very closely. Our decision to postpone follows changes to the expert advice and government guidance, and reflects our desire to give our customers as much time as possible to plan, given how the situation is changing. Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our customers and partners.
    We look forward to bringing our world-class event to London later this year, with the full support of our delegates, speakers and sponsor community.


Featured Speaker 

Neil Whippey, Co Founder, EAT GRUB

While the idea of eating bugs is not an easy sell to the average Western consumer, EAT GRUB has that exact purpose and mission, and is a boundary-breaking, sustainable food brand that aims to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it.

The UK’s leading insect food brand sells a diverse range of insect-based products, including what is considered by many as a ‘gateway bug’, the cricket, and works with some really inspiring ambassadors who are supporting them on their mission.

We have EAT GRUB's Co-Founder Neil Whippey speaking at Live and we can't wait to hear more about his company's amazing mission. 


Neil Whippey
  • “WELL DONE for a fantastic event. Loads of highlights for me and many things that I’ve noted down to discuss internally. The overall agenda, focus and key messages hung together really well and felt really positive, modern and future focused.”
    Marc Dench
    CFO, Joules
  • “I really enjoyed the event and found it very useful … made some good connections!”
    Richard Voyce
    Ecommerce Director, Dreams
  • “Incredibly insightful couple of days. Fantastic and inspirational speakers and tackled the industry issues head on. Thoroughly enjoyed the event!”
    2019 delegate
  • “For me this has been a very good annual event to receive industry updates, obtain industry best practices and it's a great networking opportunity!”
    2019 delegate
  • “A very thought provoking couple of days when it was good for me and my team to step out of the day to day and consider wider themes within the industry.”
    2019 delegate
  • “The conference programme is full of very interesting, informative and in some cases entertaining presentations. All useful to my work.”
    2019 delegate
  • “Thought the calibre of speakers was great, both on the main stage and on the different tracks. They brought a lot of great insights from a wide variety of industries and companies in different stages of their evolution.”
    2019 delegate


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