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    The premier gathering of retail leaders in the UK, the programme is designed to showcase innovative ideas, unique case-studies and cutting edge concepts to ensure the retail leadership energise their thinking and drive change within their businesses.

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We are looking for the most cutting-edge content to be part of the brand new digital programme at Retail Week Live in March. If you think you’ve got something exciting and interesting to say that is going to keep the industry on its toes then submit your entry today. We have 30 prime spots to fill and so will only accept the most ground-breaking sessions. This call for content is only on open for four weeks so get moving and enter today. 



About Retail Week Live

What's new for 2020?

Building an ecosystem that will fuel your growth has become critical to success and this is where the new Retail Week Live comes in. Joining strategy and digital together, Retail Week Live will unite leaders and their teams to solve issues, align their thinking and meet key partners. 

As a delegate of Retail Week Live, you will have access to both strategic and digital sessions across two days, with the opportunity to hear and learn from 250+ speakers, meet 50 of the latest start-ups and network with attendees from across the ecosystem and of varying levels within businesses.

Hear from SVP of Retail Week, Chris Brook-Carter about the new Retail Week Live

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Data – why trust and transparency are crucial in a digital economy  
The management of data is a growing concern for customers. How can retailers and brands ensure that their technology and services not only enhance the customer experience, but protect their data too? How can we instil a culture of trust and transparency to enhance customer lifetime value?

Putting ethics at the heart of data
Whilst customers demand instant gratification and frictionless experiences, they also demand trust. When data should be at the epicentre of any successful businesses, how can we encourage our staff to consider their role in the data value chain to deliver positive outcomes for our customers?

The next frontier of AI– using patterns and people to radically change the nature of how we do business


Why marrying authenticity and innovation are key to reviving your estate
Customers want destinations built around values and differentiation. They want their retail spaces to resonate and connect with the communities they serve. What are the strategies to creating such unique destinations? This panel will look at those who are pushing the boundaries of their physical estate to attract new audiences. What have they done differently and what can traditional retailers learn from them?

What has the disruptive power of tech meant for our four-wall estate?
According to a recent study, consumers of all ages still say that going to physical stores is their first choice when making purchases. When technology has had such a significant impact on traditional retailing on the high street, how do we deliver exceptional service through people and digital? What are the winning strategies for the store of tomorrow?

How to blend digital and physical features to create authentic online-to-offline experiences
What are the sustainable strategies to ensure our stores happily coexist in the digital ecosystem? What new business models need to be considered to bridge the gap and revive our stores?


How can direct to consumer (DTC) strategies help us build communities with our customers?
When customers increasingly expect, and demand, to buy directly from a brand, what are the strategies that traditional retailers can harness to better connect people with products to create an engaged community? How can we leverage the data and insight that comes with owning the customer relationship to ensure we’re evolving with consumer’s ever-changing needs?

Rethinking loyalty
When more than 70% of millennials and Gen Z belong to loyalty programs, how can we better join up the dots so that we are unlocking their true value? How can we engage these customers more effectively by harnessing and cultivating intelligent data captured through rewards and experiences? What should "loyalty" look like and what do we need to do to get there?

Successful strategies to increasing customer lifetime value
Owning the customer relationship allows retailers and brands leverage to increase customer lifetime value. How can we truly maximise the enormous levels of customer data and insights that loyalty schemes bring, so that we’re looking beyond short-term wins and instead, creating lasting strategies to create transparent metrics across channels and devices?

How to become a hyper-personalisation pioneer
Investing in analytics and AI tools are fundamental to understanding our customers better, so that we can deliver personalised offers, in the right channel at the right moment. How can (advanced analytics platforms) leverage the power of machine learning and AI to personal retail experiences? How can retailers consolidate cross-channel data to enable rapid delivery of timely offers and less stress on infrastructure?


Transforming your people strategy for the new era of retail
You’ve renamed your marketing chief as ‘customer director’ and added a role or two such as Chief Data Officer, but structurally the organisation has not changed. To be fully digital, you need to organise around the new functions of customer experience design and ecosystem partnership development. What are the examples of this being done successfully, and what key learnings do we need to implement?

New retail, new leadership – how to align the hearts and minds of your colleagues with your business strategy
Leadership roles are more complex, demanding and non-linear than ever. How can we keep our staff engaged as we transform? How can we make our staff advocates of our brand, and how can we increase accountability so that they are empowered to produce better results?


The rise of the conscious consumer: how to serve the ethical shopper
Customers increasingly expect the brands they shop with to have a point of view and even take a political stance. How can retailers make wider power moves that go beyond sustainability to include a broader emphasis on responsibility and thought leadership? Are we willing to invest and lose margins to be more ethical across our organisation?

Compassionate approaches to consumerism – what are the principles to adhere to?
Responsible business is shifting and we’re seeing a boost in demand for higher welfare, premium products. How transparent we are with our sources/suppliers and ingredients, how consistent we are with quality, and how we create engagement with the community are key factors in winning consumer trust. How can retailers develop sustainable and traceable business practices and products to future-proof their business?

Does Cause-Related Marketing Make Business Sense?
With 88% of consumers wanting brands to help them be more environmentally friendly and 73% of millennials willing to try a product that supports a cause they care about, it’s not hard to see why brands are increasingly using cause-related marketing to try and drive sales. How are some brands able to successfully tap into the greater consciousness of consumers, yet some come out to cries of greenwashing? In this session, we’ll explore examples of where cause-related marketing has helped drive revenue and increase brand perception. We’ll also unpick why sometimes it can have the opposite effect. The risks of cause marketing for retailers in 2019 are high - but so are the rewards.


Why authenticity matters now more than ever
Consumers are rejecting the mass-produced and are seeking authentic, differentiated products and experiences that allow them to express their individuality. What are the principles and approaches that both established and newer-to-market brands must adhere to in order to foster genuine customer engagement?

Why employee wellbeing should be top of your leadership agenda
Monitoring and promoting employee wellbeing should be a priority for all organisations, especially during times of great uncertainty and change. We know that a happy and engaged workforce is a more productive one, so how can we create clear and cohesive employee wellbeing initiatives to boost engagement and drive tangible business results? How can wellbeing become a commercial lever?

How to be a purpose led organisation
How can we make a longstanding commitment to becoming an economically sustainable and socially impactful organisation?
How can we deeply inbred purpose inside our organisation so it’s not just values-washing?


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