Steve French

Steve French

Steve French

Co-Founder , Blake Mill

Steve French is Founding Partner of Blake Mill, the online British shirt company that creates unique, ethically made shirts for men. Born in Sussex and now residing in Cambridge, Steve gained his

degree in Economics/Mathematics before joining the Royal Hong Kong Police for three years. Steve has run operations and managed businesses in over 20 countries and spent six years working as a Eurobond trader.


Steve first met his business partner and Co-Founder of Blake Mill, Ken Price when he worked for Toronto fintech start-up, Algorithmics. Together with Ken, Steve grew the business tenfold in the first year, and turned it from a loss leader to a significant profit centre. Subsequently, Steve ran a major Swiss bank’s Global Data-warehousing where he had overall responsibility for 284

databases, spread across five continents and forty cities, and for the 250 people managing them.


Later, Steve and Ken price launched data management company, Avox. Headquartered in Wrexham, Wales the company maintained complex networks of data for global financial institutions including Citigroup, HSBC and Mizuho. Steve and Ken secured investment from the German stock

exchange, Deutsche Boerse before selling the business to a major New York based financial institution.


In 2016, Steve founded Blake Mill and was then joined by Business Partner, Ken Price. The duo have subsequently grown revenue by a factor of 20 from fiscal 2018 to 2019 and are expanding both team and product range.


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