Lee Statham

Lee Statham

Lee Statham

Global Innovation Lead, Confectionary R&D, Nestle

With over 25 years' experience in the chocolate and confectionary category, Lee is at the forefront of innovation working globally across Nestlé's brand portfolio.

Before joining Nestlé 12 years ago, Lee led product development for Thornton's, the UK's biggest confectionery retailer and then joined Nestle as Head of Innovation and Renovation in the UK working on some of Nestlé's most famous brands including KitKat, Quality Street, Aero and Milkybar. He then took on a global role within Nestlé's strategic business unit based in Switzerland, before returning to the UK in 2015 when he was appointed Global Innovation Lead for Confectionery R&D, based at the global Confectionery technology centre in York.

Lee has a proven track record of creating and delivering exciting innovations, the most recent of which include the first global launch of Ruby chocolate on Nestlé's No1 brand KitKat. He also led the development and launch of the YES! brand and product launches, Nestle's first expansion into healthy snacking in Europe. Most recently, Lee spearheaded the launch of Nestle's KitKat Chocolatory flagship store in São Paulo, Brazil.

Finally, as well as developing and launching new products, Lee's is passionate about people development, spending a lot of his time coaching and mentoring talent both within and beyond Nestlé.