Kshitij Kumar

Kshitij Kumar

Kshitij Kumar

Chief Data Officer , Farfetch

As Chief Data Officer at Farfetch KK is responsible for defining the data vision and strategy to implement our agenda in this crucial area.
Leading the charge on “democratising data” by providing reliable information to all stakeholders, KK runs a Central Data organisation to
support all parts of Farfetch with Data Science, Business Intelligence and Analytics tools, technologies and skills.

A Silicon Valley veteran, KK has been a visionary data leader in multiple companies around the world. Most recently, he led all central data
efforts from AI to BI in his role as VP of Data Solutions at Zalando in Berlin, Germany.

Before this, he was the VP for Big Data at Ericsson in San Jose, California. Having built several start-ups and innovative organisations
in larger companies, KK brings a unique perspective of business, technology and data expertise to his role at Farfetch.


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