Ken Price

Ken Price

Ken Price

Co-Founder, Blake Mill

Ken Price is Founding Partner of Blake Mill, the online British shirt company that creates unique, ethically made shirts for men. Born in Canada and now residing in Manchester, Ken has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Finance. Ken has conducted international business in over 40 countries on five continents. He worked for Toronto fintech start-up, Algorithmics for five years where he met his business partner and co-Founder of Blake Mill, Steve French. During his five years at Algorithmics, Ken helped grow the company from 20 people to 300 and increased revenues from a few million to over $100 million. Subsequently, Ken has worked for Silicon Valley start-up, Stevus where he set up and oversaw the Manhattan office and supported multiple pitches to Silicon Valley and New York venture capital firms. He also set up and operated Warp Global Limited in 2014 and delivered strategic consulting services to financial services firms.


In 2017, Ken began working with Blake Mill Limited to help scale up the business. He has been deeply involved in driving the re-engineering of the company’s business model from BtoB to BtoC. Combined with outsourcing manufacturing and fulfillment, the company has transformed from a traditional wholesale business into a dynamic and customer-focused enterprise, resulting in a twenty-fold increase in revenue from fiscal 2018 to 2019.


Says Ken, “I enjoy nothing more than building something from nothing. Doing so in a new line of business has been both challenging and very rewarding. I’ve always liked wearing unique shirts so it’s a lot of fun making them. As we begin our expansion beyond the UK, I look forward to leveraging my international business and entrepreneurial background to help make Blake Mill a global success.”




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