Jo Osborne

Jo Osborne

Jo Osborne

Founder & CEO , Evrelab

Jo Osborne is CEO & Founder of EVRELAB. EVRELAB are on a mission to create a world where everyone has easy access to understandable and reputable information that empowers them to take control of their health and lifestyle choices.

EVRELAB makes complex ingredient information, simple + meaningful such as whether ingredients are suitable (or not) for a person’s own unique needs i.e. ethical preferences, allergies and skin conditions. 

EVRELAB brings together world-renowned evidence + research,  independently and without bias to help brands and retailers with their own transparency initiatives and to better serve their customers needs.

Jo grew up in Australia with an allergy to sunscreen. At 26 she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Over the years, she has had to manage acne, rosacea and a raft of other sensitivities to various products she’s tried along the way. Jo knows from experience that the way skincare is currently labelled, it’s almost impossible to manage even one, let alone multiple skin concerns.

By trade, Jo is a lawyer. By passion, she’s an experienced entrepreneur with a successful exit to Google already under her belt via the sale of in 2011.


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