Hilmar V. Pétursson

Hilmar V. Pétursson

Hilmar V. Pétursson

CEO , CCP Games

Hilmar has been leading CCP Games’ ongoing success and growth since his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in 2004. 

Under Hilmar’s management CCP’s critically acclaimed science fiction game EVE Online pioneered concepts like player-driven digital  economies, democratically elected community governments, and  free-to-play mechanics long before they became commonplace in  the industry. EVE Online, as the largest living work of science fiction,  has been celebrating over 17 consecutive years of continuous  growth in subscriber engagement with no sign of slowing down. 

Moreover, Hilmar put CCP into the pole position of VR revolution by  embracing the new technology early and releasing spearheading  VR games such as arcade shooter Gunjack, its sequel Gunjack 2,  EVE: Valkyrie, a dogfighting shooter, as well as Sparc, a ground breaking full-body virtual sport.  

In 2018, Hilmar successfully closed a deal to partner with Black  Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss in order to realise CCP’s future facing changes in strategy and structure. 

Hilmar has been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences and  events, including Casual Connect, Slush, and DICE. His fields of  expertise especially include Blockchain and what it can teach peers inside and outside the industry about the future of gaming  and gaming economies. 

Before his appointment to the CEO position, Hilmar held the title of  CCP's Chief Technical Officer, heading the engineering effort  required to create the company’s persistent virtual world  technology and 3D engine. 

Currently, he is also active on  several boards and committees relating to Icelandic information  technology and innovation. Hilmar has a B.Sc. in Computer Science  from the University of Iceland.