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Georgina Read

Georgina Read

Strategic Marketing Director, Mobilize Power Solutions division of Renault Group

Georgina has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years and has promoted some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology developments, including Trafficmaster’s ANPR-based traffic services and satellite navigation projects as well as being pivotal in the launch of Chargemaster’s nationwide public charging network, which is now BP Pulse. She has also worked with automotive manufacturers such as Citroen, BMW and Volkswagen within the retail, fleet and finance departments.

Over the last 10 years, Georgina has been specifically working within the e-mobility sector and has been part of the Mobilize Power Solutions team from its UK inception in January 2021. She is responsible for identifying new market opportunities as well as helping partners and customers transition to net zero transport through the take up of electric vehicles, the implementation of EV charging infrastructure solutions and the integration of renewable energy resources such as solar wind and battery storage.

Working within the Renault Group, Georgina is aware of how important the circular economy is on low impact, renewable resources and how every organisations has an environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain. Mobilize, in its entity is part of the Renault Renaulution, providing the technology, data and energy to turn Renault into an all-electric brand in Europe by 2030, and support Renault Group’s aim to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and worldwide by 2050.