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Emily Kraftman

Emily Kraftman

Managing Director, Whogivesacrap
Emily joined Who Gives a Crap in January as Managing Director, UK & Europe, responsible for spearheading the international expansion of the eco-friendly toilet paper. Previously, Emily led marketing for the UK, and eventually all global markets, at Deliveroo, scaling a commercially oriented and strategic team. She led these teams through a massive period of the company's growth into becoming one of Europe's biggest unicorn success stories, from early 2016 until its recent IPO in 2021. She began her career in organisations renowned for their strengths in brand-building for consumers, including Nestle and ABInBev. She is an avid adventure traveler, often seeking out new countries to explore and most recently learning to surf - but as a born & bred Londoner and lifelong Chelsea FC fan, London will always be home!