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Arieta Mujay

Arieta Mujay

Former Brand Director, Sephora

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Arieta Mujay stands as a dynamic luminary in the realm of global brand strategy and marketing communications, particularly within the esteemed domains of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. A maestro in her craft, Arieta's strategic prowess is underscored by a resolute commitment to delivering results that resonate profoundly.

Functioning as a visionary marketer, Arieta exhibits an unwavering dedication to fostering innovative and strategic brand initiatives. Her extensive expertise in brand marketing, public relations, and communications has manifested in the conception and execution of impactful online and offline campaigns for renowned global retailers and e-commerce giants in the UK, among them being the likes of Sephora, Feel Unique, River Island, New Look,, Simply Be, and JD Williams. Arieta's approach is characterized by the meticulous crafting of strategies tailored to the unique essence of each brand and the specific nuances of diverse markets.

A collaborative and adaptive leader at the helm of integrated marketing teams, Arieta has consistently forged strategies that seamlessly align brand narratives with overarching business goals, propelling organizations towards unprecedented growth trajectories. Her versatility, unwavering passion, and an impeccable track record solidify her standing as an invaluable asset to any brand fortunate enough to enlist her expertise.

In her role as Brand Director, Arieta achieved a resounding success in the revitalization of Sephora in the UK, a feat accomplished after a dormant period of 17 years. Her adept navigation of rapidly evolving environments, coupled with her adeptness in fostering cross-functional teamwork, showcases her seasoned experience. This proficiency enables her to develop and implement flexible brand strategies that not only adapt to change but actively drive substantial growth.

Guiding integrated marketing teams, Arieta assumes multifaceted roles with an overarching goal of surpassing commercial, brand, and communications objectives. Her proven track record underscores not just competence but an unwavering commitment to effecting impactful change and ensuring strategic harmony between brand narratives and business imperatives. Beyond the confines of her illustrious career, Arieta channels her creative spirit into noteworthy projects such as producing her inaugural fashion documentary and curating cultural exhibitions like "Home Affairs with Yinka Illori" at the NOW Gallery in Greenwich and an exploration of Afro-Swedish identity at the Museum of Movement in Malmo Sweden. In her role as an amateur documentary maker, Arieta directed and produced "Fashioning West Africa," a digitally screened documentary as part of Fashion Scout’s London Fashion Week’s programming.

Beyond this, she extends her influence as a mentor through speaking engagements, panel discussions, and podcasting endeavors, enriching the professional landscape with her insightful contributions