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If you are supporting your speaking slot with a presentation then please email your presentation to by Tuesday 14th March

Presentation Requirements:

Kindly note that you will need to make changes to your presentation if the requirements are not adhered to. Our AV team is not able to make any amendments to your presentation.

  • The Presentation ratio must be 16:9 widescreen
  • Video format MP4 H264 Codec
  • Font size – 36Pts Bold for headings, 32 pts for content


  • Videos must be embedded in PowerPoint on automatic start.
  • We also require the original video in the format mentioned above, as backup.
  • Please do not include any links to videos that rely on internet access (i.e. Youtube) as these may not work during your presentation.

Live Demos

If you are planning on having a live demonstration as part of your session that relies on internet access or Chromecast, we are unable to guarantee a sufficient connection onsite so please let Ruth Howlett know as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Submitting your presentation:

  • Please upload your presentation into dropbox (  by  Tuesday 14th March
  • Please ensure you submit the original PowerPoint file (not a pdf) in a 16:9 ratio
  • It is important to name your presentation correctly. The naming convention is your ‘first name surname_Organisation’ for example ‘Hannah_Tovey_RetailWeek
  • If you update your presentation, please re-send it to Ruth and apply a version number to the end of file name i.e. ‘v2
  • Please remember to bring a copy of your final presentation to Live and ensure you can easily access a back-up.
  • *Please note Panels do not need to provide any presentations

If you are unsure if you have a presentation speaking slot, please contact Ruth Howlett

If any amendments are made to your presentation after 5pm on 27 March, please bring a copy of the updated version to the venue on a USB stick at least 2 hours before your session so that we can upload it onto the system. After this time we will not be able to upload a new version of your presentation and the one that we have on file will be used.

Key Points to remember

  • Images and graphics can maximize the impact of your presentation
  • Try to keep to 10 slides for a 20-minute presentation
  • Slides should be visual rather than text-heavy
  • If you are using Prezzi or Keynote, please let us know as soon as possible
  • If you are using your own Macbook or iPad you will need to provide individual adaptors for the HDMI connector
  • If you are using your own computer you will need to use this from the lectern so please let us know as soon as possible

Please note the presentation terms and conditions

  • If you are using a presentation deck you must send this within 2 weeks of the event for review – Retail Week Live reserves the right to cancel the speaking session if the presentation is not provided in this time
  • We reserve the right to film your session and use the content across Retail Week Live platforms
  • By appearing on stage you grant Retail Week Live all applicable rights to use the footage as Retail Week Live chooses to promote the event
  • We reserve the right to share any slide deck after the event with attendees of the event
  • All content used in your session must adhere to all copyright rules