Harriet Lamb
Harriet Lamb

Passionate about environmental and social issues, Harriet is an experienced leader who, in the UK and globally, built the Fairtrade movement – a certification scheme that sets standards to make trade fairer, working with producers in the developing world as well as thousands of companies and retailers. After being CEO of the UK Fairtrade Foundation and then of Fairtrade International, Harriet held the role of CEO of Ashden, an organisation that promotes just climate solutions including sustainable energy in the UK and globally, as well as leading International Alert, a peacebuilding organisation. She worked in the UK on refugee and low-pay issues and lived in India for six years.  

Harriet joined WRAP as CEO in March 2023 and is looking to build strong, strategic relationships with WRAP’s key partners to scale impact.  

Harriet has won several awards including a CBE, Orange Businesswoman of the Year, and Cosmopolitan EcoQueen. She was also the first woman Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and has published two books on social and environmental movements for change.