Russell Amerasekera
Russell Amerasekera
Pearls and Poison

Russell is a creative, super energetic and highly empathetic executive presentation, career, and life coach.

His personal story has led him through a career that started in Brand Marketing & Communications, through television presenting and to the creation and sale of an award-winning live events and media company.

Today, Russell focuses on his greatest love, coaching and advising high performing business leaders, entrepreneurs, and public figures, under the banner of Pearls & Poison.

Russell helps high performing people develop their impact, presence and presentation skills including performing on the big stage, in front of the camera, Zoom, other media platforms and the boardroom. He supports them to think at a deeper level about how they want to be perceived and understood by different audiences.

A big focus of Russell’s corporate work is supporting clients to develop their leadership brand, their executive presence, and their ability to be able to build relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. He also works with CEO’s on helping them develop their impact & communications with investors, boards, the media, and internal audiences. He also acts as a key sounding board and advisor on major decisions, challenges, and issues, providing an important trusted external perspective.

Russell’s work with his clients also extends to helping them to think more actively about their life and career purpose, how to manage their wellbeing and “sense of balance” both inside and outside their working lives. He also helps them create and build a clear narrative in their career and life which can help guide their actions and help others understand them better.

His recent clients include Board Directors and Senior Executives from HSBC Bank, Commercial Artists Agency, London Stock Exchange Group, Burberry, Selfridges, Samsung, Innocent Drinks, Stylist Group, American Express, EasyJet, & Airbnb. Russell also gives masterclasses, workshops & talks on authenticity & personal branding, leadership & culture, wellbeing & resilience, presentation & storytelling, and personal image & styling.