Tech. Tribes

14 Aug 2019

Tech. Tribes

Rebecca Morrison

As Yuval Noah Harari recently wrote "Sapiens rule the world, because we are the only animal that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. We can create mass cooperation networks, in which… strangers work together towards common goals." 

Indeed, it is this innate ability to collaborate which has fuelled much of the progression of the human race, and is also something that can be witnessed in the commerce industry today, when you consider all the strategic alliances and partnerships which are propelling the industry into the next wave of the digital revolution. Something which is in fact part of our basic DNA lies behind all these corporate mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, which we are seeing increasingly more of and on a daily basis, and which are enabling much of the innovation we see today, and will continue to see in the future.

It's in recognition and celebration of this that we decided to launch ‘Tech. Tribes' this year. Tribes are, in this context, defined as ‘a group of persons having a common character, occupation or interest' and essentially a group of people who are working towards the same goals. There are 5 tribes and Tech. delegates, speakers and the content alike can be ascribed to belonging to at least one of these. The purpose of these tribes within Tech. is that you select upon registering for your attendance at Tech. a tribe which you feel you belong to, based on your strategic objectives within your role and business, and offers the opportunity to tailor your programme, so give you sessions which belong to the chosen tribe and also give you the opportunity to attend ‘meet ups' where you can meet others belonging to the same tribe as you, with the same objectives and interests, so you can network and plan for the future.

Please see the below descriptions of the Tech. tribes- which tribe do you belong to? By the way, you can belong to more than one!

Store Superheroes

The role of the physical store is changing and the retailers that do not evolve with the times will lose. The retailers and brands that are winning are those who are transforming their stores into experiential spaces where technologies are used to remove friction from in-store processes and collect on valuable customer insights. Curation will also be a key winning strategy, and the most effective merchandise assortments will be the fruit of great partnerships and sharing of data which will ensure that store assortments bring value and convenience to the customer. Learn from those whose bricks are geared up to survive the next wave of the digital revolution!

The Final Milers

Supply chain technologies are advancing at rocket speed and the enterprises that can identify where to invest and innovate will win. Businesses that can successfully develop their endless aisle, optimise their final mile, remove cost and improve efficiencies, despite perhaps having legacy systems, will be the most competitive.

The Customer Evangelists

Ownership of the traditional consumer-retailer relationship has fundamentally shifted. The retailers that will succeed will be those who are able to deeply understand their customer, exceed their expectations, adapt quickly to change, and become truly customer-centric by placing their customer at the heart of everything they do. Being able to democratise and weaponise your data, and using AI and machine learning where needed, is a necessary foundation for this and done properly, will be a game-changer. Businesses armed with the right data skills and understanding will win because they will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to understand their customers, make smarter decisions and provide better customer experiences.

The Digital Collaborators

More and more businesses are partnering to leverage expertise and gain competitive advantage together. To win a piece of the pie, it is necessary to know what to build in house, what to buy, where and how to partner and then how to manage these partnerships, specifically with data transparency, all with the end goal of creating something useful for the customer.

The Talent-Seekers

The war for top tech talent is absolutely fierce across the entire spectrum of the economy. Commerce is no different. No matter who you are, you need the top tech talent in order to crush your competitors. Attracting the top tech talent and embedding a digital-first approach in your organisation will be key to winning.