First look sessions for 2021


Fireside chat with RIXO Co-Founders, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey - the London brand everyone’s talking about
From launching their very own brand from the kitchen of their student house half a decade ago, RIXO has become one of the most successful and exciting mid-range designer labels in the industry. Despite us having spent the past year in our sweatpants, the global fashion brand has gone from strength to strength, launching bridal wear, swimwear and loungewear collections, as well as building on their ready-to-wear dresses that they are synonymous with.

Forging the Future of Retail and Ecommerce: Meet tomorrow’s Bright Young Things transforming the sector with creativity, vigour and purpose
2020 was a year of unprecedented economic misery, but for some it provided a jolt - an opportunity to take back a measure of control and make a fresh start. These three fearless female entrepreneurs are proof that exciting things are coming our way. They are changing the course and face of retail and society. Remember their names and learn from their shared experiences.
Lucy Arnold, Founder, Lucy Locket Loves 
Ben Amanna, Founder, Boxraw

Forging the Future: Reinventing the store - how technology, mindset and product can align to create a winning in-store experience
Covid-19 has driven innovation and fuelled acceleration in store formats and experiences. To survive, physical retail must become more multidimensional, with stores simultaneously operating as selling spaces, fulfilment centres, engagement areas and branding vehicles. How can retailers create in-store experiences that complement one another within the wider retail ecosystem? What are the examples of this done successfully and what are the important lessons to be learnt?
Confirmed: Karen Burns, Co-Founder & CEO, Fyma
Bernd Albl, MD, umdasch 

Wind Down with the CEOs

Get up-close and personal with three of the biggest leaders in retail today. 

Henry Birch, CEO, The Very Group
David Wood, CEO, Wickes


Keynote with Ken Murphy, CEO, Tesco

An exclusive, in-depth interview with Tesco supremo Ken Murphy.

Keynote: Your guide to becoming STRONG - Tools to develop mental, emotional and physical toughness 

Poorna Bell is an author, award-winning journalist and advocate for mental health awareness and wellbeing. Her latest book, STRONGER, is inspired by her journey to get physically strong after her husband took his own life in 2015, after suffering from depression and addiction. In this exclusive keynote, she will use learnings from her own struggles to talk about how we can create positive mindsets and tap into our own physical and mental strength, as well as share candid advice for moving forward in such uncertain and stressful times. 

Confirmed: Poorna Bell, Author, award-winning journalist  

Keynote: How to put affordability, sustainability and convenience at the heart of your business strategy, the Ikea way 

In this talk, Peter will share insight into IKEA’s transformational journey to make the retailer more affordable, accessible and sustainable over three years. He will touch upon the impact of Covid-19 on their evolution, investment in existing and new stores, and the development of their fulfilment network to offer a seamless digital experience, meeting more of their customers how, when and where they want.


Peter Jelkeby, UK&IE Country CEO & CSO, IKEA Group



Keynote: Insights and learnings from Deliveroo’s partnerships and an exploration of the vital role they played in serving customers throughout the pandemic

Confirmed: Stan Swinton, President Of Global Care and Customer Experience, Deliveroo


Gaming platforms: retail’s next big frontier? 

If you’re not already selling and connecting with your customers on gaming and live-streaming platforms, then you’re potentially missing out on something BIG. For this session, we are joined by live-streaming platform Twitch, who have already been partnering with brands such as Burberry and Nike, to find out why this is such a great opportunity for brands and retailers alike, and how brilliant customer experiences can be created on platforms like this. 

Confirmed: Adam Harris, global head of brand partnerships, Twitch


Stronger together: Why like-minded brands need to collaborate to survive

The demise of household names on the high street has presented an opportunity for brands to come together and support one another and evolve to survive.

Many retailers have seen success by collaborating with other brands to offer convenience, improved experience and added value to consumers. With Debenhams moving to online only following its acquisition by Boohoo, where will the brands carried by department stores go? Nam believes collaboration is the key to success, and could be the key to the high street revival in 2021. Hear how Astrid & Miyu’s partnerships have helped them navigate economic uncertainty and emerge stronger, and how other brands can be part of the evolution of the high-street, using collaborations to form deeper connections with their community, too. 

Confirmed: Connie Nam, CEO and Founder, Astrid & Miyu


How Lounge Underwear became a multi-million pound DTC disruptor 

When Dan and Mel set up Lounge underwear back in 2015 they were just like any other bright, young things looking to launch a clothing range and make their millions. The difference is that they have gone and done it and they are now just two spots behind Gymshark’s Founder on the Sunday Times Young Rich List. Was it sheer hard work, grit and determination or is there a secret sauce to success? This interview will unpack how creativity and collaboration sets their brand apart, the role that data, brand, influencers and performance marketing plays in their success and their thoughts on the future of DTC. 


Dan Marsden, CEO, Lounge Underwear 
Mel Marsden, Chief Brand Officer, Lounge Underwear 
Richard Dennys, CEO, Webgains 


CEOs discuss: The future of the high street - why retailers need to think digital, sustainable and collaborative to survive
In this session, we’ll discuss the trends that arose out of the COVID-19 crisis and what that means for the future of the high street; how tech and data tools are helping in the new normal; and what retailers need to do to repurpose their real estate to provide a first-class customer experience. 

Trinny London's digital-first approach to creating and growing its inclusive and community-focused brand
Trinny has built a fast-growing digital-first global beauty brand that has customers over 35 at its heart, and which uses technology and innovation to create fantastic experiences for its customers. She is here today to share with us how her brand is using social media, virtual appointments and personalisation technology to empower her customers, her views on why community is so critical when building a brand, and why inclusivity is also good for business.  
Confirmed: Trinny Woodall, CEO & Founder, Trinny London

Lessons in creating the ultimate user experience from Spotify 
Spotify has 320 million monthly active users around the world, and continues to be the largest music streaming service globally by a wide margin. Spotify is renowned for the seamless, frictionless and ultra-personalised digital experience it delivers, as well as its ability to exceed customer expectations and constantly introduce new features before customers even know they want them. Not to mention, Spotify is a master in driving loyalty, building out new revenue streams and is constantly evolving to ensure that it remains relevant and is engaging customers of all ages, including the youngest generations. This practical and inspiring session will explore six tangible lessons looking at how Spotify continues to exceed customer expectations, drive loyalty and build a community amongst their users. This session will also explore what this looks like in the future, using unique data and insights derived from the millions of Spotify users. 
Confirmed: John Gregory, Global Retail Category Development Officer, Spotify

Keynote with Kshitij Kumar, CDO, Farfetch
Confirmed: Kshitij Kumar, Chief Data Officer, Farfetch


Retail and the 15-Minute City - how can brands take advantage? 
The concept of the 15-Minute City, where everything residents could want or need is within a short walk of their home, is an idea spurred on by the pandemic. The conversation has focused on work and commuting, public services like schools and GPs, green spaces and leisure. But what about retail? Drawing on insights from one of the UK’s most dynamic 15-minute neighbourhoods, Quintain’s Wembley Park, panellists will discuss and debate topics including how consumers (and retailers) will benefit, what the trend will mean for on and offline retailers, and how brands can best take advantage of it.
Richard Lim, CEO, Retail Economics
Sue Shepherd, General Manager, London Designer Outlet
Kaye Sotomi, Co-Founder and Director, Chop Chop London
Roger Wade, Founder and CEO, BOXPARK

The Big Debate: Are NFTs a Fad or the Future of retail?
The recent NFT gold rush has heralded some handsome payouts for early adopters: digital fashion house The Fabricant sold a digital dress for over $9,500 and of course there is the NBA’s ‘Top Shot’ which has made $609 million since its inception in early 2021. There has clearly been an opportunity for forward-thinking brands but as more and more brands move into this space, will the bubble burst? Are NFTs in retail simply a fad, or do they tell us something about the future of the industry? 
Confirmed: Kerry Murphy, CEO, The Fabricant 
Ian Rogers, CXO, Ledger

Keynote with Henry Lane Fox 
Everyone knows how important it is to continue innovating and investing in the future. But with so much choice out there it’s not always easy to figure out how to invest and innovate for long-term and sustainable success. In this keynote Henry Lane Fox, serial entrepreneur and co-Founder of Founders Factory, will outline the most exciting areas and businesses that he is seeing, giving clear next steps for you to take back to your businesses. 
Confirmed: Henry Lane Fox, Co-Founder, Founders Factory

Keynote with Parag Parekh, adidas 
Adidas have set ambitious targets for DTC to be 50% of their sales by 2025. Parag will outline their strategy in achieving this and what you can learn from it.
Confirmed: Parag Parekh, VP, Global Digital Sales, adidas