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  1. AR allows FMCG brands to transform products and packaging into a media channel that extends the brands experience with the consumer. A brand's most distributed touchpoint can now deliver relevant, contextual information at key moments. Presenting a case study of the interactive Cadbury Heroes Advent Calendar - a collaboration between Blippar, Cadbury and Design Bridge, AR will be used to bring the advent calendar to life over 24 days and elevate the traditional consumer ritual of opening a window by creating a unique and enjoyable experience they could share.

  2. The next generation of consumers will be upon us before we know it and they’ll be known as Generation Alpha.

    Generation Alpha, the cohort of people born from the year 2010 onwards, are a generation who will be more comfortable with technology than any before, but their relationship with technology has the potential to radically rewire how their brains work and the way they view the world. 

  3. This session will cover how AI pervades Ocado’s end-to-end ecommerce, fulfilment and logistics platform. We’ll discuss related technologies such as swarm robotics technology for building automated warehouses, the lessons learnt, including the importance of harvesting and transforming the data needed to train the AI models, how cloud has democratised access to AI, and also how it has raised the bar for smartness if you want your applications to be best of breed.
  4. Join us for an introduction into cutting edge technologies from artificial intelligence, space access to alternative reality. This talk will focus on customer-ready inventions with live demos.

  5. The session will explore novel solutions that are currently being explored including running underground pipelines directly to and from multiple customer fulfilment centres to central consolidation centres. This offers predictable all-weather delivery at less than half the cost of current road solutions and addresses the 3 C challenges of, Congestion, Carbon and Capacity.  Join us to hear the future for retailers running pipelines directly from distribution centres to stores and shopping centres and the various options this presents for their retail floor space.

  6. Join us as we walk through a vision for the store of the future and examine how cloud computing, edge devices, artificial intelligence and IoT can accelerate transformation in retail to deliver a smoother, frictionless customer experience whilst helping bricks and mortar retailers drive the more data driven approach long used by e-commerce businesses.

  7. Amazon has come knocking, using your storefronts and digital channels as ways to sell voice devices like Alexa. The problem is that Alexa owners are using their voice to purchase more Amazon products. Retailers and ecommerce brands today are being challenged to find their voice, competing with Amazon and fighting to increase mobile conversions. In this session you'll understand how retailers are thinking about voice strategies, and how you can launch voice experiences that separate your brand from the rest. Join us as we take a look at what the future of retail will look like, centred around the consumer experience. From interactive mirrors to voice integrated AR and VR experiences, customers will be able to shop anyway and anywhere.

  8. Celebrating daring entrepreneurs and game changers, this session brings together business leaders who are shaking up the industry.  Join us to hear how they’ve identified gaps in the market, encompassed the trends to build and grow successful businesses – and what trends they predict will be next in this disruptive market.

  9. To understand our next generation of shoppers better, we’ll bring together this international panel of Gen Z where you will hear first-hand what this generation is doing, thinking and making.
  10. Bitcoin, is it a fad or here to stay? In this session I will explain what they are, why they are important and why retailers need to prepare to accept them.

  11. In the field of inventory management and replenishment, Machine Learning brings important advantages. With the example of sales forecasts, retailers traditionally consult historical sales to make decisions on replenishment volumes while keeping external constraints that generate peaks and troughs. Unfortunately, even with the most accurate calculations, these forecasts are likely to be distorted. Profound operational and retail changes must be put in place alongside advanced industry and customer knowledge to improve the critical functions of the company.

    This session will discuss the benefits of using last generation AI algorithms in supply chain optimisation from business, logistical, ecological to social impacts.

  12. Digital transformation has us working every minute and attempting to squeeze as much as we can out of a day, we simply can’t just “be more productive”.  According to a McKinsey Global Institute Study, we spend 61% of our time managing work and only 39% of the time doing it.

    Adrienne will share some approaches innovative Dropbox is using to put their team on the path to enlightened working, by unlocking the asset of creative energy.

  13. With more pressure than ever before to implement new technologies that will enable the business to transform, Tribal Worldwide will facilitate a panel discussion around the different approaches to overhauling technical infrastructure within companies. In this open and honest discussion, they will discuss the different approaches, what’s working well, what doesn’t and how stakeholders need to be educated about the complexity and time required to make significant leaps forward.
  14. Sir Martyn Lewis CBE, leads the panel delving into the hows, the whys and wherefores of online personalisation and its impact on the consumer and in-turn the retailer.

    With the increase in focus on the usage of Customer data and specifically on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Customers are waking up to how their data is being stored and used, but are they really cognisant of how it powers the majority of their online shopping experiences?

  15. Has anything created a bigger buzz in retail this year than A.I?

    This session will tackle the confusion surrounding ‘A.I.’ and elaborate on why ‘A.I. myths’ are stopping retailers taking meaningful action. This expert panel will bring in real world examples from their experience of speaking to hundreds of global retailers to bust the top ten myths of A.I. 

    This will be a must attend session for anyone daunted by the challenge of A.I. and looking to sort fact from fiction.