What is Retail Week Live?

Retail Week Live is a global retail festival that connects, inspires and challenges the retail ecosystem to create efficient and purposeful businesses to succeed in an ever-changing world. It is where business gets done and cross-industry collaboration begins.

We are the industry matchmaker. We unite and connect specifiers, influencers and decision makers to form partnerships and accelerate growth. 

The content is in a league of its own, where our renowned headliners speak alongside hidden gem innovators that will get you thinking and acting differently. Our speakers are pioneers of their industry, handpicked for their track records in leading change, anticipating new trends and harnessing innovation. They represent a fierce group of leaders who aren't afraid to take back a measure of control - and provide a sense of hope. But more than that, they will give you the tools to deliver for tomorrow’s consumer today. 

Retail Week Live isn’t for the faint-hearted. There is so much to see, hear and feel, and businesses get more from it the more people they send. As well as world-class content, Retail Week Live also boasts a whole host of unexpected, unforgettable experiences ranging from wellness and pampering through to live entertainment all designed to spark connections. Whoever said a business event had to be boring?

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What is Retail Week Live

What is Retail Week Live

What's new for 2021?

The pandemic accelerated change right across the industry, and at all levels within retail businesses. Despite the many obstacles, the retail industry has demonstrated sheer resolve, collaboration and commitment to serving its customers and protecting frontline staff.  At Retail Week Live 2021, we want to shine a spotlight on outstanding people, projects and partnerships to provide you with actionable insights to achieve your strategic and operational goals. Learn how to grow in a world that never stops changing; to deliver for tomorrow’s consumer today. 


How do we deliver on our promise?  

  1. Annual global festival to challenge, inspire and connect the retail ecosystem

  2. Igniting partnerships through smart matchmaking

  3. Creating experiences for more than serendipitous networking

  4. Delivering year-round action-oriented content to ensure you’re always learning

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