What is Retail Week Live?

Over the 27 years Retail Week Live has been running, retail has gone through many changes, but none perhaps more seismic than the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences of Coronavirus hit retailers across the world indiscriminately, and it is highly unlikely that life will return to the normality we all knew before the restrictions came into effect. We need to address a completely new set of challenges – together.

Building an ecosystem that can prepare for the new normal post Covid-19, fuelling growth and retaining loyal customers is critical to surviving in this climate. This where the new Retail Week Live comes in. Joining strategy and digital together, Retail Week Live will unite leaders and their teams to solve issues, align their thinking and meet key partners.

Retail Week Live will bring you PROGRESSIVE topics and speakers, our programme will be brave, fun and unexpected. We will be an AUTHORITATIVE trusted voice in the industry. We are the MATCHMAKER, connecting the retail ecosystem. We are incredibly proud that many partnerships have been formed at Retail Week Live over the years, that would not have been possible in any other forum.

What is Retail Week Live

What's new for 2021?

As a delegate of Retail Week Live, you will hear and learn from 200+ speakers, meet 50 of the latest start-ups and network with attendees from across the ecosystem and of varying levels within businesses.

Over 48 hours, the retail ecosystem will gather to network and be inspired by over 200 speakers who will be discussing everything from keeping your workforce connected in a crisis, how to pivot successfully in times of change, collaboration and consolidation, and ethical consumerism, to the importance of building communities, the drastic shift to online, the next frontier of AI, and how to empower performance through diversity. Some examples of topics that will be covered are:

  • How to better understand your data – and act on it
  • How can we attract customers to our physical estate in a post-Covid world?
  • How to put wellbeing at the top of your leadership agenda
  • How to turn purpose and ethics into business success
  • How will emerging technologies disrupt the core e-commerce experience?
  • How to convince your business to invest in the conscious consumer
  • Should retailers build technology in-house, or buy?
  • How to accelerate revenue growth in a post-Covid world

  • Diversity is not a branding exercise - how to respond with real and meaningful change

In between jam-packed content sessions there are plenty of networking opportunities and experiences around every corner, Retail Week Live is more than just a retail conference.

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