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Young minds: Think you understand influencers? Think again.

13 Mar 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage , Future Leaders

Love it or loathe it, the modern-day influencer has changed the retail landscape. Dismissed by some critics as vacuous, self-obsessed, and inauthentic, applauded by others for their ability to build huge and loyal communities with whom they truly resonate. Whatever you think of them, their role in retail can in invaluable. Either through organic promotions or paid-for posts, they can help new products go viral, spread brand messages like wildfire, and ultimately significantly impact your sales for the better. We welcome to the stage a young influencer to explain a little more about what their career entails, and what they think the future holds.

We'll explore:

  • Everything you really need to know about the online world of influencers
  • The misconceptions and realities  
  • The do's and don'ts of an influencer strategy
Jeremy Lynch, Influencer
Tyreece Nye, Influencer
Jessie Yendle, Influencer