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Young minds: The future of loyalty; what young consumers want

13 Mar 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage , Future Leaders

Attentions are quickly turned amongst the swipe-ready generations. They want newness, creativity, immediacy, community. But it's also possible to win their hearts and minds and earn their loyalty. Get inside their minds and learn what makes them steadfast, from personalisation to product, from social media to seamless shopping. Is there a perfect formula to unlock the emotional drivers of their loyalty? And how will their demands impact how retailers create loyalty?

We will explore:

  • What makes young shoppers stay loyal? Cashback, offers, freebies, special access?
  • What are the future generations looking for from loyalty schemes?
  • The role of technology in loyalty Is the traditional loyalty card scheme dead?
  • How is the traditional way we look at loyalty changing
  • The retailers innovating for the future
Renee Fraser Shepherd, CEO - Sloobie
Hugh Hamilton-Green, Co-Founder - ELEAT
Alex Smith, Head of Wellbeing, Earning and Learning - UNiDays