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Young minds: Creating youth-led and youth-shaped workplace cultures

13 Mar 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage , Future Leaders

Understanding what younger generations want from a workplace is essential future-proofing. Senior leaders risk subconsciously projecting their view of what a company culture should look like to the point where they become unattractive to work for and irrelevant. From flexibility to purpose, technology to leadership, a business needs to be run with young talent in mind. We bring you Fashion Retail Academy students to explain what they want from you - their future employers. Is your business hitting the mark? If not, you might want to take action.

We will explore:

  • What flexibility means to the generation entering the workplace right now - exploring work/life balance and wellbeing
  • Their view of career development and what would make them stay as a loyal employee
  • The importance of purpose to the next generation of workers and how companies can align their values with their employees'
Yas Gautama, Student of Buying and Merchandising - Fashion Retail Academy