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Sustainability spotlight: How retailers are adding value to pre-loved

12 Mar 2024
Consumer Stage

The ‘pre-loved' market is evolving. Since 2021, Depop users have given a second life to 25 million items that already existed. It's not the only market either where the secondhand goods market is evolving, with electronics such as TVs, mobile phones and other high value items receiving a makeover akin to the secondhand car market. In this panel debate we will examine the dynamics of the preloved market and the players who are driving its evolution

We will explore:

  • What's driving growth including the role of legislation?

  • Which retailers are doing most to drive growth in preloved and how?

  • What are the barriers to progress in terms of logistics and the supply chain?

  • How can charity shops play a bigger role?

Rachael Franklin, Sustainability Lead - River Island
Lucy Peacock, Head of Pre-loved - eBay
Maria Chenowith, Co-Founder - Charity Super.Mkt
Justine Porterie, Director of Sustainability and DEI - Depop