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How to Make Refill Work

12 Mar 2024
Boardroom - invite only
Boardroom - invite only

There have been numerous attempts to make refill work. But for a variety of reasons (lack of scalability, hygiene, food safety, shelf-life, in-house training, logistics) trials have been inconclusive at best and at worst a spectacular failure. But experts still believe it can work with further development. We’ll be talking to them in this panel debate.

We’ll explore:

  • Where are we up to with all the refill trials: what’s worked, what’s not worked?

  • What could the logistics of refill look like?

  • How do you keep it safe and protect shelf life?

  • Are there any solutions for wet products in the works?

  • How do you make sure you use the minimum necessary packaging materials and all the materials are reusable?

  • How do you provide the in-house expertise at the coalface (where it’s needed) rather than in the HQ or at the manufacturer? 

Sebastian Munden, Chair - WRAP
Matt Kennedy, Founder and CEO - AGAIN
Helen Clements, Director - Go Unpackaged