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Becoming Very good: why the Very Group's digital transformation investment is paying off

12 Mar 2024
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital
Very is good, but it wants to be Very good. To do it, it's overhauling the business; new ways of working, new processes, new capabilities to become a truly customer-centric business. Then follows re-platforming most of its systems which it says will deliver one of the most comprehensive retail transformations of its kind. We bring you two of Very's leaders to discuss the milestones that have led to today's status quo, including canning its catalogues, becoming 100% digital, and opening an industry-leading fulfilment operation, as well as the scale of the company's tech ambition and the lessons learned along the way about change, culture, and failing fast. We will explore: Relevant investment and what ROI really looks like How to make customer-focused change happen faster Enabling your business to adopt the latest technology seamlessly in an ever-changing digital landscape Examples of how The Very Group's transformation is improving the experience of its customers, including through innovative uses of AI
Ben Fletcher, Chief Financial Officer - Very Group