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The AI-fuelled stores of the future

12 Mar 2024
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital

Retail is entering a new frontier of in-store technology. Computer vision – an AI subset that processes and interprets visual data – could revolutionise the way retailers run their stores. Imagine a world where technology can monitor shelf availability in real-time for the benefit of both retailers and their suppliers. Consider its role in tackling in-store shrinkage and shoplifting. Or its potential to perfect the checkout-free store? This session looks at the art of the possible as computer vision continues to present new capabilities.

We will explore:

  • A vision for a fully autonomous store of the future
  • How AI technology can be implemented in store; the practicalities and the cost
  • The retailers currently using Computer Vision checkout solutions to drive efficiencies and improve the retail experience 
Anna Maraga, Head of R&D - Mira
Sponsored by BeMyEye