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Young minds: Creating youth-led and youth-shaped workplace cultures

13 Mar 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage
Understanding what younger generations want from a workplace is essential future-proofing. Senior leaders risk subconsciously projecting their view of what a company culture should look like to the point where they become unattractive to work for and irrelevant. From flexibility to purpose, technology to leadership, a business needs to be run with young talent in mind. We bring you Fashion Retail Academy students to explain what they want from you - their future employers. Is your business hitting the mark? If not, you might want to take action. We will explore: What flexibility means to the generation entering the workplace right now - exploring work/life balance and wellbeing Their view of career development and what would make them stay as a loyal employee The importance of purpose to the next generation of workers and how companies can align their values with their employees'
Jessica Sear Da Silva, Student of Buying and Merchandising - Fashion Retail Academy