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The Post Office: Notes on a scandal

12 Mar 2024
Boardroom - invite only
Boardroom - invite only

It’s the corporate scandal that remained in the relative shadows for 25 years… until an ITV drama put both the Post Office and Fujitsu firmly in the spotlight. The case raises many questions for businesses: ethical leadership and Machiavellianism, the risk of blind faith in technology, and corporate governance checks and balances. We bring you the journalist Rebecca Thomson who broke the story back in 1999, and an expert panel to discuss leadership lessons.

We’ll explore:
Observations on leadership and how a crisis could have been averted
The corporate governance basics that went awry
The risks of technology roll-outs and how to pre-empt them

Chris Hodge, Director - Governance Perspective
Sarah Last, Founder and Business Psychologist - The Work Psychologists
Rebecca Thomson, Freelance Journalist