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The M Word; the untapped menopause market opportunity

12 Mar 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage
There are more than 15m women in the UK who are currently in menopause and yet their needs are overlooked and underserved. FMCG and retail brands often neglect the specific demands of this demographic and how best to serve them. Ignoring the menopausal consumer landscape is a business risk - a missed opportunity to drive commercial growth, build brand loyalty and consumer trust, and unlock new audiences. Enter GenM, pioneers of the 'MTick' the world's first recognisable menopause-friendly symbol and the menopause partner for 90 of the UK's biggest brands and retailers. Join us as we hear from co-founder Heather Jackson and a panel of retail partners about their collective mission to improve lived experiences for the menopause consumer. We will explore: What shapes their outlook? What impacts what they buy? What do they want from products and retail propositions? Findings from GenM's Menopause Market Report