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Panel: Putting the I in D&I

13 Mar 2024
People & Wellbeing Stage
People & Wellbeing

Diversity is long proven to drive more creativity, more innovation, happier teams, more sales, and more financially sustainable businesses. But having the best diversity strategy that result in brilliantly diverse workforces is futile without a way of ensuring your colleagues from under-represented communities feel a sense of belonging and a part of the team in the truest sense. It’s even more challenging than diversity, and often overlooked. How do businesses create not just a diversity strategy but an inclusivity strategy that works? Join out panel of experts as we unpick the challenges.

We’ll explore:

Progress and pitfalls

What the most inclusive company cultures look like

The business case for better inclusivity and how to effect the change that’s needed

Mark Webb, Board member and Public Speaker - Reflect Agency