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Case study: why DIY behemoth, Kingfisher, is investing in every colleague becoming an ally

People & Wellbeing Stage
People & Wellbeing
Being an ally to marginalised groups is no longer an optional soft skill in retail but something everyone working in the sector needs to engage in. But how does a business strike the balance between empowering people to use their own voices and privileges to amplify issues while also teaching them to listen quietly when necessary? In September 2023, Kingfisher launched a group-wide allyship campaign aimed at educating everyone from shop floor to boardroom on what it means to be an ally. In this case study, Chami Dhillon, group head of diversity and inclusion, will delve into what this looked like and why other businesses should consider following suit. In this talk we will explore: The concept of allyship, why it is business-critical that colleagues understand it and how Kingfisher went about creating this campaign The practical details of how it was rolled out, the investment required and the actions taken The results and what the future of allyship at Kingfisher looks like