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'Do we really need to set up a Be Real?' Which social media platforms are actually worth the time?'

Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital

Is your Instagram Being Real enough or is the clock TikToking on your social media strategy? Have you got all the gear (or apps) but no idea? You're not alone. The pace of change in social media is rapid and it's hard to keep up and stay ahead ' even for influencers. Failing fast works but how do you really get to grips with which platform is going to serve you best long term? Join us as we run through the dos and don'ts of an effective social media strategy.

In this session we will explore:

  • Which apps, platforms and spaces are best for what type of content
  • What's coming round the corner
  • Where different audiences are spending their time and how they interact in different spaces
  • How to set up your marketing and social media teams to make full use of their expertise and ensure a robust strategy