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How to work without losing your mind

28 Mar 2023
Future Leaders by Be Inspired
Future Leaders
Work in the retail sector is fast-paced, stimulating and dynamic, but it can also be stressful, pressured and, at times, unpredictable. Cate Sevilla has penned an entire book about the work experiences people don’t always talk about: managers from hell, debating the decision to quit, comparing yourself to others and more.
In this animated talk, Sevilla urges us to find humour in challenges and puts life in perspective. She shares her own personal work encounters and common challenging work scenarios found across UK industry, with the goal of inspiring us all to keep perspective and stay resilient.

We’ll explore:
  • Why we all need to set boundaries to avoid burnout and how to do it
  • Seeing the positives when times are tough
  • Anecdotes from famous leaders and what we can learn from them
Cate Sevilla, Editor in Chief - HuffPost