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Time to stand out: Can AR help retailers win the race for shopper attention?

29 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital

To increase brand loyalty, retailers must find new and innovative ways to capture shopper attention. Through Snapchat, retailers are transforming the shopping experience making it more personalised at scale, imaginative and fun using the power of augmented reality. But how are brands using this technology to stand out from the crowd? What is AR’s true potential in driving retail growth and engagement? Our speakers debate the value of AR, and consider what the future holds.

We'll explore 

  • What are the solutions that are shaping the future of AR for retail brands?
  • How is AR helping retailers offer new, exciting experiences for customers? 
  • If AR is right for your business?
  • The benefits of AR for retailers
Fintan Gillespie, Director - UK Large Client Solutions at Snap
Lea Sandell, Global Social Media Innovation Lead - The LEGO Group