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Let's talk... is company culture dead?

28 Mar 2023
People & Wellbeing Stage
People & Wellbeing
Company culture has been a hot topic for decades, but what does it really mean? Many theorists suggest it can be used to exclude people, for example “culture-fit” interviews have been mooted as the epitome of unconscious bias. There is no doubt, though, that having a set of values and key pledges to your people is important in creating a sense of belonging and often in attracting new talent. So what does great company culture look like in a more inclusive retail sector? And, crucially, how do you ensure everyone buys into it?

We will explore:
  • What company culture really means now and whether you can or should change it
  • Where to start with overhauling company culture and how to bring people on board
  • How to ensure inclusivity is front of mind
Sebastian Hobbs, CEO - Well Pharmacy
Fraser Longden, Wickes - Chief Operating Officer