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Reimagining payments in retail

28 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital

When it comes to payments, the industry has made huge strides, but we're a long way off from the 'frictionless' experience customers crave. With customer expectations constantly evolving, how can retailers create a fluid customer journey, what does that look like in reality, and what tech developments on the horizon promise to make it a reality?

We'll explore:

  1. The must-know industry developments promising to shake-up retail
  2. Crypto as payments - why 85% of US retailers are ahead of the game in preparing for the crypto wave
  3. Is SNPL (save now, pay later) the next big thing? With buy now, pay later legislation and regulation around the corner, has its investment bubble burst? Could SNPL be the secret to retailers creating healthier long-term relationships with shoppers?
Mat Megens, Founder and Chief Consumer Architect - HyperJar
Pete Trainor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultancy Partner - MMT