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There is no Planet B

28 Mar 2023
Consumer Zone

As a nation, we're much more aware of our collective responsibilities, but while most retailers have environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, many targets are set years into the future. That's too late. In this session, we hear from retailers who are putting ESG front and centre of their business strategy. From investing in their staff and local charities, to reporting on progress, their approach is not only enlightening customers and driving change, but gaining loyalty, too.

We'll explore:

  1. Consumers and employees are driving forces behind the demand for better ESG practices. We hear how retailers are are taking the steps needed to ensure their efforts resonate
  2. Why do businesses with higher ESG scores experience lower costs of capital compared to businesses with poorer ESG scores?
  3. A culture shift - embedding ESG practices into the fabric of your business and reporting achievements in a transparent and ethical way
Peter Wood, CEO - AllSaints & John Varvatos
Lucy Williams, Chief Legal Officer - Pets at Home
Andrew Griffiths, Director of Policy and Partnerships - Planet Mark