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Next-level ecommerce: A winning formula to surpass your competitors

28 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Zone
Tech & Digital
As consumer spend becomes harder to win, search quality and recommendations in ecommerce are becoming more important than ever. So how can you stay ahead of the competition?

In this session, we are joined by Turkey’s leading ecommerce retailer to discuss how using a blend of machine learning alongside human insight has improved its search results and the overall impact this has had on the business. 

We’ll explore:
  • When 20%+ of sales depends on the quality of product search, why a happy marriage of machine and human insight is key to achieving accuracy
  • How to dominate over competitors – key learnings from Turkey’s leading ecommerce retailer
  • How to adopt the right machine learning solution for your business
Alexey Shevenkov, Chief Technology Officer - Hepsiburada
Olga Megorskaya, CEO - Toloka AI