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More than a transaction - why community building is the key to loyalty

28 Mar 2023
Consumer Stage

The most valuable shoppers feel part of something bigger than the product in their hands. In this new era of community building, brands need to interact authentically with their audience outside of selling products. This isn't about targeted emails or flashy banner ads, it's about creating a community that celebrates your brand and makes people want to be part of it. But what does good look like and how can you get there?

We'll explore:

  1. How Rapha's Clubhouse scheme has supercharged its community and driven loyalty
  2. How Never Fully Dressed transformed its online following through community building
  3. The next steps to loyalty programmes; how to make customers feel a part of something bigger
Claire Hennah, Beauty & Wellbeing Chief Customer & Digital Commerce Officer - Unilever
Caroline Crosswell, Director of Retail and Development - Rapha
Lucy Aylen, Founder - Never Fully Dressed