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Microsoft, Sainsbury’s and making a meaningful impact on mental wellbeing

29 Mar 2023
People & Wellbeing Stage
People & Wellbeing

In a post-pandemic world, remote and hybrid work has become the norm and as a result colleagues are navigating new ways of collaborating and working as a team. This change can prove daunting for some and ensuring employees still feel connected and part of a culture can be a challenge. It can also have a negative impact on mental wellbeing, with productivity dipping and staff retention being affected.

Join us for a discussion with Microsoft and Sainsbury’s as they share how they have implemented technology that is simple to use and has improved employee interaction, resulting in better connectedness & wellbeing for staff.

We will explore:

  • The specific technology that has enabled communication between colleagues and line managers, as well as head office and store staff
  • How it has helped employees feel part of a culture
  • What tools and tips can help reduce stress while also creating efficiencies
Jennifer Morrison, Retail Industry Director - Microsoft UK
Jodie Addison, Director of Engineering – Retail & Essential Tech & Sainsbury’s Digital, Tech & Data - Sainsbury’s