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What does it mean to be a truly omnichannel retailer?

28 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital
Retailers are turning to new and emerging technologies to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers, but one size doesn’t fit all.

From frictionless commerce, to metaverse opportunities; we hear from experts on how they’re pushing boundaries in the tech space and have helped international retailers modernise their business model in doing so.

We’ll explore:
  • Metaverse - the developing relationship between the physical and digital and what this means for your customers 
  • New customer demands - what are they and what do they mean for your tech investments?
  • How the UK's leading retailers are accelerating their omnichannel transformation
David Hennessy, Group IT Director - Wilko
Steve Hall, President - ISG EMEA
John Taylor, Head of Retail Practice (UK) - UST