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Marketplace monopoly - is it time to buy-in?

28 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital

From launches to acquisitions, successful fundraising rounds and demises, the marketplace world continues to evolve at pace. Marketplaces are omnipresent, with McKinsey reporting that they will account for up to 70% of digital commerce by 2025. In this session, we explore the opportunities, perils and pitfalls that every retailer should consider about the third-party modus operandi.

We'll explore:

  • Developments in the sector and what it means for every retailer - what's working and what's not
  • The drivers behind the key marketplace trends, from circularity to diversification
  • How to gauge a viable marketplace path to growth
Jessica Christenson, Regional Vice President for the UK & Ireland - Mirakl
Moses Rashid, CEO - The Edit LDN