Marketplace monopoly - is it time to buy-in?

28 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Zone
Tech & Digital

From launches (B&Q and Farfetch) to acquisitions (Frasers Group), successful fundraising rounds (OnBuy) and demises (Made.com), the marketplace world continues to evolve at pace. Meanwhile, at Amazon, a remarkable 58% of its products are sold through its marketplace. In this session, we explore the opportunities, perils and pitfalls that every retailer should consider about the third-party modus operandi.

We'll explore:

  1. Developments in the sector and what it means for every retailer - what's working and what's not
  2. The drivers behind the key marketplace trends, from circularity to diversification
  3. How to gauge a viable marketplace path to growth
Jessica Christenson, Regional Vice President for the UK & Ireland - Mirakl
Matt Walburn, Marketing, eCommerce & Customer Director - A.S. Watson UK (Superdrug & Savers)