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YOUNG MINDS: Younger generations need to feel part of a brand and retailers can’t afford to ignore it

29 Mar 2023
Main Stage
Main Stage , Young Minds

Merely selling to the next generations is not enough. More than ever before, young consumers want to feel part of something. In this session we hear from young retail entrepreneurs who have done just that: created a brand that fosters a new type of loyalty. Hear why community is integral to loyalty, what it really means to build an authentic consumer following and the secrets of how to do it well.

We’ll explore:

  • How our panel of young entrepreneurs are using community-focused strategies to drive growth

  • Why community is relevant across the retail landscape, from small start-up retailers to major household brands 

  • The dos and don’ts if you want to build a more loyal following that’s grounded in ‘belonging’

Kyle Frank, Founder & formulator - Frank's Remedies®
Deborah Igunma, Fellow - Interact