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KEYNOTE: How to build a profitable DTC brand the Trinny London way

28 Mar 2023
Main Stage
Main Stage

Trinny London has seen stratospheric growth since it launched in 2017 and is now one of Europe’s fastest-growing beauty brands with a truly international reach, shipping to 180 countries.

The brand has done an exceptional job of leveraging its community to harness the power of customer advocacy, creating a brand ecosystem that is community-led but has the power to grow. In this keynote, we’ll chat to Trinny London’s CMO to uncover its path to growth and the challenges it has faced along the way. 

We’ll explore:

  • The four pillars every DTC business must stand by: entertaining, interesting, inspiring and educational 

  • The importance of re-engaging existing customers through an authentic and meaningful community

  • How to cultivate cross-departmental collaboration to give colleagues communication and visibility that contributes to sales growth

Shira Feuer, CMO - Trinny London