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A job you believe in: finding meaning in your work

28 Mar 2023
Future Leaders by Be Inspired
Future Leaders

When you ask most leaders, in retail and beyond, what drives them in their work, the most common answer is 'passion for what I do'. Finding belief in your work and believing you are making a difference is often key to maintaining motivation and wanting to get out of bed in the morning. So how do you find meaning in your work when it can often feel like just spreadsheets and targets? How do you express your personal values and follow what you believe in any role you do? Bronwen Foster-Butler has had a career in which she's followed her values through her work - from Lululemon to Panagaia and Finistere - she's chosen brands she believes in and found causes to champion within them.

We'll explore:

  1. What motivates people to work hard
  2. Understanding your personal values and how they can be brought to your professional life
  3. How to find passion and belief in your day to day, no matter your role
Bronwen Foster-Butler - Finisterre