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YOUNG MINDS: Through my lens of an intersectional lived experience – advice on how we can all create a more equitable world to live and work in

29 Mar 2023
Main Stage
Main Stage , Young Minds

There’s been much discussion about collecting data around diversity and ticking boxes but labelling people, though often well-meaning, can ignore the subtleties of human experience. Enter the concept of intersectionality: recognising that people are nuanced and will not always identify with only one community or strand of diversity. Join Kenny Ethan Jones, former model, writer, advocate and consultant, who speaks from personal experience. 

We’ll explore:

  • What intersectionality really means for you, your teams and the wider business you work in 

  • The many factors that play into encounters of discrimination and oppression

  • How to ensure diverse talent can thrive

Kenny Ethan-Jones, Former Model, Writer, Advocate and Consultant