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How to hire the best retail talent without even doing an interview

28 Mar 2023
People & Wellbeing Stage
People & Wellbeing
Open hiring is the concept that the first candidate to apply gets the job. This new approach to recruiting entry-level roles was taken on by The Body Shop, which has successfully hired some of its best talent this way since 2021. Hard to believe, but hiring the candidate that is top of the list in terms of application date has saved the retailer time and money, as well as provided a fair and inclusive way to recruit new staff.

In this session we will hear from Antonia Tony-Fadipe, who has spearheaded the practice at The Body Shop, and learn how it can be deployed throughout the sector.

We will explore:
  • Exactly how the concept of open hiring works in practice
  • The success stories as well as potential pitfalls to be aware of
  • Where to start with implementing it
Antonia Tony-Fadipe, Inclusive Hiring Lead, UK & Global - The Body Shop