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Game-changing customer experience in a post-pandemic world

28 Mar 2023
Main Stage
Main Stage
The “new normal” was an oft-repeated phrase during lockdown. How have customer expectations shifted post-pandemic? And what does that mean for the customer experience retailers now need to offer? We’ll hear from three leaders on the trends, opportunities and challenges they’re observing in their own businesses, and what this signifies for a post-pandemic future.

We’ll explore:
  • Why in-store staff are more critical than ever in delivering revenue growth
  • Localisation skyrocketed in lockdown and the trend continues. But what does it mean for your stores, your staff and your shopper experience?
  • Beyond lockdown: how the wider social issues faced by the UK and Europe continue to impact footfall and what they mean for retail and the experience it offers
Espen Karlsen, CEO - Jernia
Tracey Clements, SVP and CEO Europe, Mobility & Convenience - BP
Heidi Engan, Norway MD - Gina Tricot