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Rebuilding a brand post-Covid – lessons from hospitality

28 Mar 2023
Boardroom Zone

Covid changed customer behaviours for the long term and in some cases fast-tracked and even shifted the evolution of market trends. For hospitality, it changed the way people think, plan and appreciate the experience of dining, both at home and in a venue. In this session, we’ll hear from TGI Fridays CEO Julie McEwan on the challenges facing the casual dining industry and how she is leading the way to rebuild this iconic brand. 

We’ll explore:

  • Keeping it fresh – staying relevant with the consumer through branding, experience and value exchange 
  • Understanding your heritage – going back to your roots and reconnecting with your guests 
  • The importance of brand loyalty and the value of experience – understanding the value of your existing guests while at the same time attracting new ones 
Julie McEwan, CEO - TGI Fridays