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Elvis, Abba and now your shop floor. Why the hologram hype is real

29 Mar 2023
Tech & Digital Stage
Tech & Digital
Customers are crying out for truly engaging in-store experiences. ‘Phygital’ has been mooted for years with arguably limited progress. Could holograms change all that? We explore how holographic images have the potential to capture imaginations and spending power, and revolutionise how consumers interact with the world around them. Is it time retail prepared for a holographic future? Sit back and be amazed as we explore a holographic horizon using retail case studies. 

We will explore:
  • The astounding effects that holograms have on people’s attention and why, with visual engagement as much as 50% higher than when looking at a real-life image 
  • What this means for your in-store strategy and visual merchandising 
  • Why holograms are more accessible than you think
Kiryl Chykeyuk, CEO and Co-Founder - HYPERVSN