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CEOs discuss - The role of leadership in company culture

28 Mar 2023
Boardroom - invite only
Boardroom - invite only

Strong company cultures with innovative, happy, engaged teams don't happen by accident. It comes from the top. In this session, chief executives debate candidly the reality of what it takes to create a good culture that cascades down through an organisation and manifests in happy teams, loyal customers and sales growth. What are the key factors in creating that elusive strong company culture? What are the key factors that can make it disappear seemingly overnight?

We'll explore:

  1. Is it possible to build a culture that's future-proof or does it hinge on key individuals?
  2. Why building a great culture and D&I are not separate conversations
  3. How brands and cultures evolve, and the key factors that impact them ' for better and worse
Mark Price, Founder - WorkL, Former MD of Waitrose
Graham Bell, CEO - B&Q
Roisin Currie, CEO - Greggs